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We offer a free trial week to any potential member at HardKnox Astoria. During this trial period, we offer up to 2 free classes that must be utilized within 7 days of your initial inquiry.


The first class is an introductory evaluation with Sensei Bonafide; this is a one-on-one session (30-45 minutes) to determine your physical strengths, weaknesses and long-term goals. Think of this opportunity as a synopsis of what the typical class may feel like, allowing you to assess how you feel about the HardKnox experience.


The second free class is up to you! You may choose any available class on the weekly roster. For beginners, we highly recommend choosing one of our Fight Fitness classes (Bootcamp, Athletics, Locomotion) to build a strong physical foundation that can translate into any of our other programs.


We are dedicated to being flexible and attentive to all new inquiries. To best accommodate our clients and their busy schedules, we offer free evaluation sessions on a weekly basis. 


11:15am and on, 4pm (Thursdays Only)


1:15pm and on

(718) - 210 - 1465

Thanks for submitting!


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